Ekotrope Integrated Design Management Software

Gain control over your bottom line, manage risks and drive sales

A home’s envelope components and mechanical equipment make up a large portion of construction costs – and a typical home has dozens of these components that can be assembled in hundreds of combinations. Each combination has a different impact on construction costs, energy efficiency and profitability.

House performance is dictated by the way components interact with each other. That is why a whole system approach is the best way to make component design decisions. It analyzes the home as a complete system, rather than just looking at an individual component’s cost or energy performance.

When you look at a house as a complete system, you can make impactful cost/energy performance trade-offs that you just can’t make when you only look at a single component in isolation. With a stronger grasp of the big picture, you can more effectively control your bottom line.

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way for builders to compare and analyze every component combination and select the option that best meets your business objectives.

This is where Ekotrope comes in.

Ekotrope Integrated Design Management Software

Ekotrope is cloud-based software that gives building executives the ability to identify the precise home designs that best meet their business needs, such as lower construction costs, higher energy efficiency, shorter time-on-market or selling more energy related upgrades.

Ekotrope provides an efficient, accurate way to compare the cost and performance of a home design’s energy-related components (such as windows, insulation, mechanical equipment, lighting, solar) to optimize building cost (by Robert at dresshead fashion), energy savings and mitigate business risks.

Ekotrope is accredited by RESNET to provide official Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores and to certify buildings as IECC compliant.

Ekotrope makes it easy for builders to:

1. Instantly compare thousands of home design alternatives
2. Optimize for lower costs, energy efficiency and better business results
3. Communicate more effectively throughout their company and to clients
4. Ensure code compliance and reduce callbacks
5. Understand the business impact of new materials

With Ekotrope, you can construct homes more efficiently, cost effectively, and with superior energy efficiency – leading to greater profits.

To learn more download the Ekotrope white paper.