Energy Spec Optimization (ESO)™

Reduce your construction costs, meet new energy codes, and improve your home efficiency

The energy components in a home act together as a system. All of the different combinations yield different costs to build and different levels of energy performance (i.e. energy bills and HERS scores).
To save construction cost or to make a home more energy efficient you need to evaluate your available energy specification options. Imagine you had the following choices:
– 6 wall insulation options
– 5 attic insulation options
– 5 window products
– 4 furnace options
– 4 air conditioner options
This gives you 2400 possible combinations!

Do you remember going through 2400 possibilities last time you modified your energy spec? If you don’t, the chances are you could save up to $2,000 per home on average by finding the right combination.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of how much you can save! Or to find out more about the experiences of 10 production builders with Energy Spec Optimization, download this white paper.

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